Here are some curriculum activity packs created by teachers using Caine's Arcade in the classroom to inspire discussion, projects, and more:

  • Download the Caine's Arcade Building Activity Pack (created by Kim Sandusky for her 3rd Grade Students):

  • This Activity Kit Includes:
    • Who is Caine?
    • Where Does he live? Map+Geography
    • What is a Documentary? (Vocabulary Building)
    Comprehension Questions + Response Quesions
    Activity: Just Build It: Plan & Build Your Game
    Extension Activity 1: Music & Poetry (Write Your Own Name Poem)
    Extension Activity 2: Math Problems based on Caine's Arcade
    Extension Activity 3: Design Your Own Arcade T-Shirt
    Extension Activity 4: Interview Caine

    Ways to Use Caine's Arcade to Teach(Send Us More Ideas)!
    • Math Based Arcade Projects
    • Social Engagement (How one person can make a difference)
    • Engineering and Mechanics (simple-machines)
    • Story-Telling
    • Economics
    • Music and Poetry (Write Your Own Name Poem)
    • Marketing: Create a Short Commercial/Video for Caine's Arcade


    • carbdoard boxes (large, medium, small)
    • Tape (clear tape, duct tape)
    • Scissors, box cutters, pumpkin cutters (consider age and coordination of your kids for safety)
    • Paper
    • Markers, crayons
    • balls, plactic cups, toys
    • prize tickets (many kids make their own)
    • make your own fun passes
    • make signs for your arcade
    • make your own shirts (some have bought Caine's Arcade STAFF shirts for special prizes)


    link to ideas/tips for managing the materials before, during, and after the arcade building activities.
    after: display in classrooms/hallways. Group together with other classes and have a parent teacher showcase where parents can play the games. Display the arcade in local craft/art museums or maker spaces. keep, auction, or recycle.



Caine's Arcade Foundation

Download Cardboard Math Arcade Curriculum created by Jennifer Jasewicz for her 4th Grade students here:

Your students can create a Cardboard Math Arcade to assist in studying for state or chapter tests or to review previously taught material.
This mini-pack includes:
  • Instructions
  • Comprehension Questions to Accompany Caine's Arcade Video
  • Arcade Game Planning Sheet
  • Letter to Parents