Math Story Problems (3rd Grade)

  1. 1. Caine sold 50 fun passes on Monday, 23 fun passes on Tuesday, and 41 fun passes on Wednesday. How many fun passes did he sell in all?

  1. 2. Caine made 257 fun passes to sell. He sold 179 of them to customers. How does he have ready for the next weekend?

  1. 3. Caine sold 152 fun passes. How much money did he make?

  1. 4. If Caine had a rectangle piece of flat cardboard, with the perimeter of 20, what could each size measure? Can you find more than one way to solve this problem?

  1. 5. In real life Caine is only open the weekends. What fraction of the week is he open?

  1. 6. If Caine had 5 customers on day one, 7 customers on day two, 12 customers on day three, and 14 customers on day four. If the pattern continued how many customers would he have on day 10? Day 15? Day 20?

Cardboard Math Arcade by Jennifer Jasewicz (

Caine Monroy is a 9 year old boy who created an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store. He became an internet sensation when Nirvan stopped by to play Caine’s arcade games, created a video, and posted it online.
Your students can create a cardboard arcade too! Whether you are reviewing previously learned content, practicing math facts, or preparing for state tests this fun project will put a smile on your students’ faces!

This pack includes:
- Instructions
-Comprehension Questions
-Arcade Game Planning Page
-Letter to Parents