Primary Science Project Letters to Parents

Letter One: Preparation/Explanation

School Name C.S.
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Inspired by Caine’s Arcade:
Last week on CBC radio Matt Galloway on the Metro Morning show mentioned about this clever boy and his emotional experience involving being a child.
I shared this film with the primary classes not only for the science value of building structures but the interesting elements of hard work, patience’s, bullying, family and just being a kid.
Please have a peak at this video with your child to jump start conversations and imagination. Please feel free to steal ideas. J
This was what being a kid use to be before video games and the Niagara Falls of store bought toys.
Our 3 primary science classes of Mrs. V., Mrs. B. and Mrs. F. have decided to make our own arcade here at school.
This will not only cover many of the curriculum expectations in Structures and Mechanisms & Matter and Energy it’ll be a great exercise in planning, problem solving and organizing.
Hopefully after our arcade is finished we will be able to invite other classes to play for small fees and raise some modest funds for charity.
Learning about our world and giving back to it through recycling and charity is greatly satisfying for everyone involved.
We are in the process of brainstorming and planning what we’ll need:
E.g. Materials: cardboard boxes, cardboard rivets, packing box tape guns etc…
Please don’t send in these items but please discuss with your child what they might need or what they might like to make.
This will give your child the confidence to articulate during our discussions and planning stages of this project.
Encourage your child to jot ideas down in their Agenda to help retain great brainstorming ideas.
Thank you for your support in your child’s learning,
Ms. Muller

Letter Two: Bring in the Stuff!

School Name
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Thank you to all parents and guardians for taking the time to view Caine’s Arcade with your children. The children have come to school with a confident attitude. They are brimming with enthusiasm.
This week, our Gr. 1, 2 & 3 scientists have been working hard on their Designs and Materials List.
Some students have already been working on their games at home. Others have been collecting materials to bring to school.
As of today, Monday April 30th, Materials and Games may be brought to school.
Last letter I included a blank copy of the Planning Chart.
With this letter I am sending home a photocopy of your scientist’s
Top View, Front View Planning Chart with their Materials List printed on the back.
Please let the children present their designs and listen to their reasoning for their choice of materials. I find if you ask thought provoking questions the children will think beyond their initial ideas.
It’s important to help them come up with solutions instead of quickly giving the solutions from our adult points of view.
We adults have been to primary school already. This is their turn and time. J
As I often say to the classes, “When you think of an idea yourself, it’s a rewarding gift. So, let your friends open their own birthday presents.”
As they start building at school and watching each other problem solve, we will all experience the gifts of mind growing ideas.
Sincere thanks for supporting your scientist’s learning,
Ms. Muller-Cheng